Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to Apply for Online Banking in SBI

The Option of Online Banking is Implemented in various Banks like SBI and still more and
more are Implementing this Service. It is Not that Difficult to Apply for Online Banking in
SBI, you just need to have Some patience for this and Basic Computer Skills to Operate your
account via Online

How to Apply for Online Banking in SBI 1) The Basic Requirement is your Bank account, you must be an SBI Bank Customer to Avail this Service 2) Download the Online SBI Form and Fill the Details as per your bank account and Submit to your Bank http://www.statebank.com/pdf/Online_regn-form.pdf 3) Then they will give an Username and Password to you, after the First Login you should need to change your username and Password 4) After Login to the SBI you can Biew your Transactions, and other Details, just you need an PC and Internet Connection 5) You need to put Different Passwords for your profile and your account 6) You have Limited access only even you got internet banking, sometimes you cannot get Full Transaction rights , if this is your case contact your nearest SBI branch 7) They have an Online Virtual Keyboard which Protects your data from Phishing Do's In Internet Banking 1) Whenever you are Leaving your Session, Please Logout manually, In default SBI will not allow you to remain idle for more than some time, but in safer you can do this 2) Never Reveal your Password to anyone, it results in Complicated problems when they started to misuse your account 3) Always use Virtual keyboard when typing Usernames and Passwords, Never use Normal Keystrokes Dont's in Internet Banking 1) Never use your Internet Banking in Cyber Cafe, even if it is try to avoid Direct keystrokes 2) Never Respond to the Scam emails sent to you by Scammers to Steal your Data, if you have any Problem it is better to Directly Contact with them So Why late, Have an Safe and Good Internet Banking in SBI

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